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E-news Spring 2019: Celebrating our local disabled heroes

Last November we sent our first ever email news (‘e-news’) to our supporters.

The second e-news is out now! Click the following link to view it in your browser:

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Winter 2018/2019 edition of ‘Disability News’

Download our Winter 2018/2019 edition of Disability News here!

Learn about the services we’ve been providing, our upcoming 30th birthday, hear from our new Chair of Trustees Andrew Craig and see a few snapshots of our first ever newsletter back in 1988.

Spring/Summer edition of Richmond AID’s Newsletter

Download our 2017 Spring/Summer edition of Disability News here:  RAID-SpringSummer-2017.pdf (1002 downloads)




It’s been a busy year for Richmond AID, in this issue you can find details of our Breaking Barriers event celebrating local residents of all ages who overcome barriers great or small in their every day lives. We also hosted our volunteer awards ceremony where we gave thanks to our important and valued volunteers!

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