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Spring/Summer edition of Richmond AID’s Newsletter

Download our 2017 Spring/Summer edition of Disability News here:  RAID-SpringSummer-2017.pdf (975 downloads)




It’s been a busy year for Richmond AID, in this issue you can find details of our Breaking Barriers event celebrating local residents of all ages who overcome barriers great or small in their every day lives. We also hosted our volunteer awards ceremony where we gave thanks to our important and valued volunteers!

Summer BENEFITS edition of Richmond AID’s Disability News

Download our summer edition of Disability News here: Newsletter Summer 2016 (1696 downloads) newsletter summer 16


In this edition of Disability News we round up all the exciting news and events from over the past few months. With a running theme around the ESA cuts, we also feature meeting our local MP Tania Mathias, Richmond AID’s Quality of Advice Award, our media appearances and much more!



Autumn VOLUNTEER edition of Richmond AID’s Disability News

Take a look inside our special Autumn VOLUNTEERING edition of Richmond AID’s Disability News:


Follow the download link below:

Newsletter Autumn 2015.pdf (1493 downloads)

Newsletter front

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