Interested in issues that disabled people face?

We want to hear from you!


Richmond AID is designed for and by disabled people and we believe that disabled people are experts when it comes to understanding disability and the needs of disabled people.

How you can get involved

Thoughts, experiences, ideas and stories about the lived experience of disability, discrimination and prejudice helps us better understand what we need to be doing as an organisation.

We would like to hear from you regarding the following areas:

  • What barriers and challenges do you or others face?
  • Have you found independent living solutions which could benefit others?
  • Is there an issue you think we should know about?
  • Are there services you think we should be holding to account?

How to have your say

If you are a disabled person and are interested in knowing more about User Involvement at Richmond AID please contact us.

Contact: 020 3393 7011

Email: [email protected]