Want to know what we do in your area?

As well as delivering services in Richmond borough, Richmond AID are also delivering services in:


Our Benefits Advice Service in Hounslow is designed to help disabled people and people with long-term or terminal conditions with getting their benefit entitlements. The Benefits Service is a free service for adults aged 18 and over receiving or applying for disability benefits in the London Borough of Hounslow. This project enables us to assist people with benefit reviews so that people receive all the benefits they are entitled to and help with filling in forms. We can meet people face to face, arrange for telephone consultations or carry out home visits.

What the service provides:

Our advisors have received extensive training and offer accurate advice and information on:

  • Checks on eligibility and entitlement
  • Information on how to apply
  • Assistance with filling in all benefits forms
  • Details and information on how to challenge a decision

Getting the help you need: You can make an appointment, or arrange a chat by telephone with our advisors.

Phone: 020 3393 7011

Email: [email protected]


Our Kingston BuddyUp service is for young people with disabilities or additional needs, aged between 14-17 years, living in the Kingston borough. The project works by matching young people with their own young volunteer (‘buddy’) and aims to enable young people increase their independence and confidence through travelling and getting out and about more in their community. And of course it’s about having fun and building a friendship!

How do I join Kingston BuddyUp?

It is so easy to get involved! As long as you are 14-17 years old with an additional need and/or disability and you are a resident of the Kingston borough, you are eligible for this scheme.

Please contact the following for more information:

Buddy Coordinator: Sara Felberg

Phone: 07759258523

Email: [email protected]

Please see our BuddyUp page for more information https://richmondaid.org.uk/richmond-and-kingston-buddyup/