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Supporting vulnerable residents during Covid-19: Cheryl

We are sharing a few stories from some of the people we’ve supported during Covid-19.

“Jamie and Chloe were very human, approachable and efficient” – Cheryl, self isolating with her husband in Teddington. Both Cheryl and her husband are in the extremely vulnerable category.

In the second week of lockdown, soon after the most vulnerable people in the UK received letters from the government asking them to stay at home for 12 weeks, Cheryl reluctantly started to seek help to access food. Already being advised by Richmond AID on other matters, Cheryl told us that she and her husband were unable to leave the house and not feeling confident to make an online order, concerned about how to get food.

Fortunately, a generous supply of donated food and other essentials such as toiletries had been building up at the Richmond AID office, and Cheryl was one of the first people to receive a food parcel.

“I was so thrilled to get ham, and the hot chocolate was a lovely, novel touch” said Cheryl. “We don’t drink hot chocolate much anymore so it was rather nostalgic! I am incredibly grateful”.

Cheryl said that despite her health conditions, including arthritis, she would not usually put herself forward for help. Cheryl reassured us that she now has a priority delivery slot for shopping in the future, but if she needs our help again she knows she can contact us.





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