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Supporting vulnerable residents during Covid-19: Tracy

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We are sharing a few stories from some of the people we’ve supported during Covid-19.

“You have been a lifesaver” – Tracy, single mum in Ham to two kids.

Tracy has been identified as a person extremely vulnerable to the severe effects of coronavirus. She has mobility issues and compromised immunity, following a traffic accident through which she lost her spleen. Like Cheryl, she never wanted to reach out for help for herself. In fact, she is ploughing her efforts into growing vegetables in her garden (which she feels so fortunate to have) to support her neighbours.

Single mum to two kids, one of whom has anxiety disorder, Tracy was already well versed in managing stress. Add a home move and the coronavirus lockdown in the middle – hardly a recipe for respite!

Richmond AID were already familiar with the household when we received a referral from allied organisation, ruils. Tracy was desperate to top up her electricity meter and needed to get to the shop to put more credit on the card. However, it had been very difficult to get hold of a volunteer to make this happen. Finally one of the team managed to contact a volunteer to do the job. It was late in the day and all the shops were closing. However, our local trusted corner shop Budgens in Teddington saved the day by agreeing to kindly stay open a little longer, so that Tracy and her kids could stay connected. If she’d left it any longer, the power could have gone down. Imagine keeping two children entertained in a home without the internet?!

Tracy has assured us that she has everything she needs for the time being. She has a volunteer helping to collect medication for her and is in line to receive a priority shopping order. She knows where we are if she needs us. Tracy is incredibly grateful to all the support from keyworkers and volunteers.



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